Idk if anyone else is gonna complain about this except ME, But Im A seriously loyal fan to castleminer Z and there is something wrong with indie devlopers thinking this up, Hey guys lets make it so when people buy avatar warfar they start with an rpg in castleminer z every game, well heres the catch -.- PEOPLE BUY AVATAR WARFAR FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF STARTING WITH THE RPG, JOINING RANDOM PEOPLE GAMES AND EFFING KILLING THEM AND TAKING EVERYTHING THEY DROPPED AND LEAVING THE GAME AND THEN DOING IT OVER AND OVER TILL THEY GET BORED OF IT, WTF WTF WHICH ONE OF THE INDIE DEVOLOPERS THOUGHT THIS WAS A COOL IDEA?? NO! JUST NO! Im not being an ass im being a SERIOUS fan of castleminer Z and im pointing out a SERIOUS AND I MEAN SERIOUS Issue with the game, I have 3 solutions, either A) make people spawn with something else rather than the RPG B)  Switch it to the Antidragon guided missle, C) patch explosives so they dont hurt friendlies unless PVP is turned on, Is anyone with me on this? :( honestly someone needs to complain about this and im more than happy to!