So, me and my friends all joined together in Castleminer Z, and we tried to make it to Hell and back.

SO,we spent 7 days gathering supplies, and we set off. Day one is actually the 8th day on the world.

And the big rule is:

1. On the way to Hell, if you die, then you can't come back until we reach the borders of hell.

Day 1:

As night fell in the desert, we were brutally assaulted by Zombies. Nobody died, but we lost alot of ammunition. We decided to leg it to the mountains, as the moon finally dissapeared. We will set up camp in the mountains today.

Day 2:

We lost 5 team members today:

  • Somebody thought it was smart to roam the valleys during night.
  • Another was surrounded, and in horror,ran--- right off the mountain.
  • 3 people were killed in the attacks of zombies and skellies.

Day 3:

We crossed the winterish biome with no casualties, and only arond 30 bullets wasted.

Day 4:

We finally got to the land of diamonds and ores! There was only one casualty,who thought that attacking an Alien was a good idea. It's now just me and two other guys. Someone made a Sniper Rifle, and I made a Assault Rifle and grenades, while the last guy made C4 and a Shotgun.

Day 5: On our last trek to Hell,TWO aliens popped out of nowhere. we managed to kill one, and lured the second into a trap that went down to Hell. We lost someone, so now it's just the Sniper and me.

Day 6: We made it to Hell! Everyone came back, and we are starting out to complete the trek of Hell! We are ready and prepared!!

Nobody survived. Within 2 minutes, half the team was killed, and the other half, well, just about everyone tried to get to cover and make a last stand. Everyone died heroicly.

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