aka Peri

  • I live in España
  • I was born on January 20
  • My occupation is Informática
  • I am Humano
  • PerikiyoXD

    Hi im PerikiyoXD, (aka Peri) and im a guy that likes wikis, cause them entertain me in that sad times.

    I will help this wiki, and port this to my native language too. I think that this could be better if all who read thid works all that he can in free time.

    Dedicate at least 5 minutes checking Orthography, adding Media, Info or other.

    I believe that this wiki will have a good end, by the awesome game that i like, when watched videos of one of my favourite youtubers, vegetta77. 

    And iTowngameplay, that youtube horror channel that i found out recently that started playing this game.

    Only SIX words







    A very big rib broking hug and... Bye Bye!


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