Here are some Weapons that i Would love to see in 2.0 Update

M4A1: Moderate Damage, Moderate Rate of Fire and Good Accuracy

M240B: 100 Rounds, Fast rate of Fire, High Damage but with Muzzle Climb

Saiga 12: Semi-automatic Shotgun, Moderate Damage and poor Accurracy

Claymore: Explosive that Can be placed anywhere (except for Lava) Small Blast Radius

Gatling Gun: Crafted out of 25Iron and 10copper, Very high damage along with Rate of Fire but with Poor Accurracy

Also there's some Gadgets or Decor to suggest for the Game

Metal Door: Reinforced Door Made out of Iron, Behaves like the Wooden Door

Spikes: a Set of spikes that can kill unwary Mobs or players crafted out of 2 iron and 1wood

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