Hi i'm Dima aka Dan67 and i'm here to ask you on what role you play as in or out of your squad. Here's a list of Roles you can possibly play as in Castleminer Z.

  1. Platoon Leader: "Being a Platoon leader requires great leadership and battle-hardend expericence to make things harder you are responsible for the lives of two seperate squads, Only the most Brilliant and Strategic few can handle such responsiblity.
  2. Squad Leader: "your not Afraid of nothing and you are a Battle-Hardened type of Player that helps he or she's team by providing Guidance, Motivation and Most importantly leadership in Case things go from bad to worse"
  3. Engineer: "Your smart, creative and you know every schematic on Castleminer Z that can help you out. Your a Type of Player that rather provides your team with resources and even defenses to keep your squad from Falling apart.
  4. Sniper: "the only Thing you trust is your Rifle and being able to pull off a Headshot, Snipers are sneaky and laid back players that provide cover fire from a far and never fight close up most importantly your the type of Person that never wants to get into a Big fight that you may not win."
  5. Lonewolf/LoneVixen: "your the type of person that doesn't trust no one your not Afraid of Death nor your own squad mates, you can handle any weapon and any situation with little or no Hesistation in other words your more likely to fight this Nightmare on your own time.

Theres all for four roles in Castleminer Z this Will be updated if new weapons or Decor are added to the game of Castleminer Z some where in the near future.