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  • Dan67

    Rule 8

    May 17, 2013 by Dan67

    Rule 8 will be a new rule to restrict excessive editing for badges, while its okay to edit on this wiki it's not advised to just edit for badges instead of providing information.

    Users if you love being competive then please do it at a steady pace instead of spamming categories or edits unless your adding new information or fixing misspellings.

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  • Dan67

    Castleminer Z timeline

    October 19, 2012 by Dan67
    • 001- Christmas time, People buying christmas gifts and par taking in fun events
    • 002- Christmas Ends, Reports of Sickness and Insane Behavior have been heard in Numerous Hospitals
    • 003- Rioting and looting breaks out in the suburbs, Most believe it's a Civil Unrest and Starts sending in local police to handle the situation.
    • 004- Hospitals are overwhelmed with Patients containing the Infection somewhat related to Psychois and Mad Cow diease, People are ordered to wear Masks over there face and keep themselves clean at all times
    • 005- Doctors say that the patients are expericening serious Psychois along with Hostility, Police personal are required to cover parts of their arms and legs with a thick text tile to avoid further infection
    • 006- The Death …
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  • Dan67

    Laptop won't edit?

    August 21, 2012 by Dan67

    Hey does anybody know why theirs a never ending loading screen when i try to edit or comment on the wiki. I can only do my work at school and i'm afraid i can't help out the wiki if i don't find out what's causing my computer to do that please help me :(

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  • Dan67

    Even though it's not stated or heard if somebody survived the total of 100days yet but the best advice I can offer possible is listed below.

    Keep you and your squad well supplied with all necessary items (bullets,wood,sticks,iron,gold,coal etc)

    Listen to sounds such as skeletons, zombies, dragons and demons so you can kill or avoid them

    Build a house (4x5,3x6 or 10x10 the first number represents length and the second number is width) upgrade the structure once a week or once a day

    Endurance mode difficulty starts to climb each day neither that or it basically starts off hard.

    Remember you have to play 10days in endurance exit and repeat the process till you earn the in-game achievement.

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  • Dan67


    May 7, 2012 by Dan67

    The Archieves feature that i altered during the top navigation was made to quickly go to a certain set of pages scattered through out the wiki, Its a work in progress and i'm hoping that i can make an external link to Castleminer Wiki on the Archieves soon.

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