hello everybody this is my opinion what caslteminer z should put in future update:

N 1 : instead of getting the mother load of stuf at 3.000 , they should make it at 5.000. for the following reason

-airplanes :

Reasone 1: there good and fun.

reasone 2 : It will be the first type of it in any adventure arcade games were there are enemies , etc.

reasone 3: it will bring more players.

THOSE AIRPLANES SHOULD HAVE: 2 seats , and a gunner. however making the airplane, lets say you need 30 bloodstone, 45 iron, 15 wood, 35 of coal,60 sticks, and a little bit more of stuf. (only the airplane). for the gunner you have to make the gun ( most likely light machine gun), lets say you need gold bullets, iron,bloodstone, etc.Then you maunt it by pressing , lest say Y

YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO MAKE: A runway for the airplane( most likely rock) lets say 30 x 6. and also watch out for the dragons , more dragons appere when in flight.

OBJECTIVE: theres an area after hell thats call the dock. the dock is were the dragons nesting area is, there you could find, lets say dragons eggs, etc.but the place is in mid aire ande the only way to gother is by plane....

THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUNNNNNNN.. that picture  is to give you an idea modify it and WOW.

UPDATE 2: When online public match people can pick your stuff  and 80% of the time  they dont give it back.I say that online public only you could pick it up , and on privite the people could pick ti up because YOU KONW THEM.

UPDATE 3: New host option , were the host  could  activate the new option and people wouldn't go in to his house.

this update will help a lot from robing chest inside the host house, to taking torches of...

it wil be something like this , the host gets inside his house and, and the option will be activated from there. ( it will work by lets say the 4 walls and the roof , and then it allawe yuo to proced clicking that button.)


thanks for reading, i hoped you enjoyed, and if the people that update castleminer Z see this,... read it again because thers no reason why not to put this updates. make that budgit count. sorry for mis spell some times .