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    hello everybody this is my opinion what caslteminer z should put in future update:

    N 1 : instead of getting the mother load of stuf at 3.000 , they should make it at 5.000. for the following reason

    -airplanes :

    Reasone 1: there good and fun.

    reasone 2 : It will be the first type of it in any adventure arcade games were there are enemies , etc.

    reasone 3: it will bring more players.

    THOSE AIRPLANES SHOULD HAVE: 2 seats , and a gunner. however making the airplane, lets say you need 30 bloodstone, 45 iron, 15 wood, 35 of coal,60 sticks, and a little bit more of stuf. (only the airplane). for the gunner you have to make the gun ( most likely light machine gun), lets say you need gold bullets, iron,bloodstone, etc.Then you maunt it by pressing , lest…

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    Z gaming

    June 23, 2013 by Country side

    going to play castleminerZ, can not wait. i cant belive my friends also bout the game. at first they hated it but know they love it . more updates, more updates, more ...... :)

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