Alex Lioce

aka WerewolfNightmare

  • I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Steam Player (formerly play XBOX)
  • I am Male
  • Alex Lioce

    As we know, there will be a update, I don't know when, but to my opinion, here is my ideas on what they should add to a future update.

    • The Axe used in the game will be renamed to "Hatchet", a new "Axe" will be added (See Axe below in "New Weapons") and there will be a  "Bloodstone Hatchet "
    • The Knife used in the game will be renamed to Combat Knife  and will have a reskin that will look like 
    • Every weapon will have a basis information for everyone to view it (what type of is, what damage does it have, ETC).

    • Toogle unlimited usage for any weapon or tool
    • Toogle Invincible Health

    Axe (Image idea here)

    • Copper Axe
    • Iron Axe
    • Gold Axe
    • Diamond Axe
    • Bloodstone Axe

    Sniper Rifle (Image idea here)

    • Gold Sniper Rifle
    • Diamond Sniper Rifle
    • Bloodstone Sniper Rifle

    Lazer Sniā€¦

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