This page is a WIP!

*I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a page to this, considering many people likely want to know the most efficient means of killing the UD.

The Basics:

  1. Remember that Endurance mode does not save, so you only have one shot to make it count (do not end the game!) This mode is also incredibly difficult, and there is no teleporting allowed, consequently rushing to kill the dragon is a terrible idea and will always result in miserable failure, regardless of skill level!
  2. The session will become private after reaching a distance of 100 (no players will join unless invited)
  3. A team should be assembled so tasks can be designated evenly to eventually culminate to reaching the pinnacle moment of killing the dragon


*Note: these steps follow no particular required order, just some suggestions as to how I methodically have done it

  1. Begin by obtaining enough wood to build some tools (cut down 1-2 trees)
  2. Start a mine going down to just above the Bloodstone very close to the spawn in case you die, this will serve as your catalyst for getting to about 3200
  3. Create a home base in the mine, which should stay safe from dragons. Use crates to store anything you need safe.
  4. Mine in the direction of the compass, and obtain resources until you have diamond/ bloodstone tools. (Should be done before 1000 distance, you should find many caves!) Note, when a cave is reached, in the beginning it is okay to simply walk to the end and continue tunneling once all resources necessary are obtained, but at far distances it is a good idea to use stone or other blocks to encapsulate the tunnel and keep it protected. Make sure the tunnel is properly lit with torches, and be careful of exposed areas where you can fall into Hell if you are not careful while mining. You should create bridges in case the Bloodstone layer is not there!))
  5. Restart the game, this will bring you back to the spawn, and you can use the diamond axe to collect all the wood you need for the entirety of the game. The same should be done with sand for teleporters.
  6. Once you have the capability for teleporters they should be set about every 200 blocks. One for progress, another to bring you back to the base (or as formerly mentioned restart the game) *Note restarting the game brings all players back to the spawn and the day count resets to 1, you also keep your inventory. This will only affect players potentially interested in the survive for x days awards.
  7. You should acquire Bloodstone weapons at minimum, note that while laser weapons are powerful, they damage blocks and can potentially cause more harm than good, especially when considering their expense and dependence on finding a meteor while tunneling. Also, the Bloodstone knife makes a great weapon while saving up for at least a few thousand diamond bullets for killing the dragon or emergency purposes.
  8. You will encounter snow and sand while mining in certain biomes, so always keep a good pick and shovel handy.
  9. Once the distance of 3000 is reached things get very complicated, The normal worlds erodes very quickly into hell, and you need to make bridges just to breach the gaps. This can be extremely difficult, especially without assistance.
  10. Once a distance of about 3200-3300 is reached and the only biome is Hell on Earth, your bridge should be above Hell, and you should tower up (3 blocks at a time, then over, so it can be re-climbed) to just below the world height limit. You should use the stone acquired from mining to reach to distance of 4000, where the UD will spawn. It is advisable to create a bloodstone or diamond fortress or safety area to shield yourself from the dragon, and give ample room to avoid its fire, as a simple sky bridge 1 layer wide made of stone will not survive!
  11. Will continue later, please provide feedback, yes this is an unedited mess!

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