Underground TunnelsEdit

Tunneling is a strategy of tranportation that is safer than on foot. It consists of a 1x2 tunnel leading to where your destination is (it can be bigger than 1x2 depending on your opinion). If you find a meteor close by, you can use the tunneling strategy to get there safe without running into zombies or dragons.

Castle Miner Z Screen Shot 5-8-14 6.32 PM

An underground tunnel leading to a Alien Crash Site.

  • There is no current record for the longest tunnel.

Above Ground TunnelsEdit

Above ground tunnels are the same thing; used as a safe transportation. But instead of digging, you build the tunnels above ground. Still, a 1x2 tunnel. It has two walls on either side, and one a one block roof. 
Castle Miner Z Screen Shot 5-8-14 6.28 PM

An example of a what an above ground tunnel looks like.

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