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AE UMA metralhadora arma Que PODE Ser trabalhada e utilizada sem CastleMiner Z. ELE TEM Uma Pequena Revista de 20 rodadas COM Uma Elevada taxa de incendio que POR SUA VEZ Faz com Que Uma Grande Quantidade de Recuo Verticais na Própria arma. Devido AO mau Alcance de da Arma JUNTO COM Subida focinho, Esta Arma É O MAIS Adequado Como UMA Arma de Defesa Pessoal Pará QUARTOS LIMPAR e defender-se áreas apertadas EM. Como OS Outros Todos Os Close Quarter Armas, nd atualização 1.4.3, Uma SMG NÃO foi dado hum recurso de zoom.
SubMachine Gun

A player wielding a Bloodstone SMG

Gold Submachine gunEdit

Stronger set of rounds with the stock and firing mechanisms improved from gold bars. It does twice the damage as the standard variant along with improved durability. It can be crafted from gold and iron.

Diamond Submachine gunEdit

The 2nd best set of bullets in the game improves the SMG's overall reliability. It can be crafted from Gold and Diamonds. They use Gold bullets.

BloodStone Submachine GunEdit

The strongest and hardest hitting set of bullets that are capable of knocking down every type of Infected, it also reinforces your gun's stock and body far better then the other varients. These use Diamond bullets.

350px-Ingram-mac10 new

Silenced Mac-10


  • The submachine gun is used in CastleMiner Z is a silenced Imgram Mac-10.
  • The reload animation simply shows your avatar removing the magazine, putting a new mag in and pulling back on the bolt which all takes about 2.5 seconds to complete.
  • Unlike other guns in the game, the submachine gun is the only gun that uses an attachment. Notice how there's a silencer on it, yet even though it lowers both the muzzle flash and sound a bit, undead can somehow hear this regardless, meaning it has no purpose in combat.
  • This is often a cheaper yet weaker alternative to the Assualt Rifle.
  • Oddly enough the new energy SMG being added in the 1.5 update will be the Spreadfire SC which is not a submachine gun. Instead it's a Machine pistol.

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