Space rock

Space Rock scheduled in 1.5 update

Castleminer space rock

Space Rock, previously can only be placed by modding.

Space Rock is a new block that makes an appearance in the Alien Crash Site biome. It previously made an appearance in the original CastleMiner, and will share the same texture. Before the update, the only way to unlock Space Rock in the game was to hack it, as it was an unused block that was deleted early in the game for consistency reasons, while it was still found in the game files. It is now found randomly after 300 meters, comprising most of Alien Crash Site Biome with some Space Goo dotted throughout.

Bloodstone Pickaxe is required to mine it.

Uses for Space Rock:

  • Crafting of Energy Based Weapon's ammunition.
  • Can be used to defend from Undead Dragon bombardments. (although that could change in the next few updates)