Rocks (also known as Stone) are found everywhere in CastleMiner Z from caves and mountains to the sides of the BloodStone Underworld. Rocks are used to make stone tools and are part of a normal bullet schematic of 1 rock, 2 brass casings, and 1 coal. When crafted, you receive 100 bullets per casing. Rocks are the second most plentiful resource, BloodStone being the 1st. Stone is not strong enough to be dragon-proof, as it can be destroyed by higher-level dragons like the Undead Dragon.


  • Hands ~ 10 Seconds
  • Stone Axe ~ 2.5 Seconds
  • Copper Axe ~ 1.5 Seconds
  • Iron Axe ~ 0.75 Seconds

  • times are approximate

A block of Rock.

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