The Rifle is an 8 round semi-automatic rifle that you must craft to acquire. It requires 3 iron and 3 wood to craft this weapon. The rifle has different types, like any other gun. The types are regular, gold, diamond, and bloodstone. The gun uses the bullet one tier lower than it like all other guns, with the exception of regular guns and regular bullets. So bloodstone uses diamond bullets, diamond uses gold bullets, etc. You can tell the upgrade status of your gun by checking the gem color on the side. The Rifle's sniper ability reached its full potential when given the zoom feature in the 1.4.3 update.


Once crafted, this weapon is probably the gun with the highest damage per round in the game (excluding the shotgun at close range), but suffers terribly from recoil, making it very hard to shoot fast and still hit your target. It has magnificent range, but didn't have a scope until it was given a zoom feature in the 1.4.3 update. Apart from that, This weapon makes a great Sniper/Recon weapon, especially for survival and watchtower defenses. It's also helpful for killing the common zombie, skeleton, or one of the early-encountered dragons. This weapon is quite hard to control and will require a little training in order to use it to its full potential, although once you get your head around how to control the recoil it can be very rewarding.


The reload animation for this weapon shows your avatar removing the clip from rifle, putting a new clip and cocking back on the side of the rifle instead of pulling back on the bolt itself. It's the second fastest weapon reload in the game, next to the pistol.


  • Unlike its Laser counterpart, the Rifle is the only bolt-action weapon in the game
  • The rifle is the fan-chosen second most popular weapon in Castleminer Z                           
  • Its the best-ranged weapon in the game with a range of up to 82 blocks.
  • The rifle is modeled after the german Karabiner 98k bolt action long range rifle

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