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CastleMiner Z RPG

RPG as seen in-game.

The Rocket Launcher or Rocket Propelled Grenade (in short RPG, or in Russian: Ruchnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot) was added in the CastleMiner Z as part of the 1.5 update.

It is based off the RPG-7, a popular model of the infamous launcher commonly seen in today's first-person shooters. Its seems to be able to destroy every block up to Bloodstone. Blocks it can't destroy are Space Rock, Space Goo, and Bedrock

Variants Edit

This weapon comes in two variants. Both are single-use:

New Explosives in CastleMiner Z update 101:31

New Explosives in CastleMiner Z update 1.5

RPG variants demonstration later in video.

Rocket Launcher:
Your standard, explosive RPG. It is disposable, as it disappears after one shot. Be advised that you can kill your buddies via reckless firing.
Guided Rocket Launcher

Guided Rocket Launcher reticle

Anti-Dragon Guided Missile: This variant of the RPG is capable of locking on and taking out Dragons. However, aiming is required and time needs to be allowed for a successful lock-on. This weapon cannot engage zombies and a failsafe prevents 'dumb' missiles being fired.

The weapon is similar in appearence except for it's black colors and the red rocket.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible for the RPG to be used as a improvised mining tool.
  • It is unknown how the anti-dragon guided missile realistically functions, as it uses a scope to lock onto dragons but there is no scope on the weapon model itself.
  • The RPG is disposable, and will only fire one shot before disapearing from the player's hands.
  • The RPG can instantly kill a player, or simply injure them, them depending on the proximity of the blast. Hip firing the weapon has a poor chance of hitting fast moving targets such as Zombies and  Dragons.
  • The Anti-Dragon Launcher has a red colored Missile indicating it's Anti-Dragon only and can't be used for self defense against other mobs.

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