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Like many games by DigitalDNA, CastleMiner Z allows users to redeem promo codes, which unlock various features. Promo codes are only redeemable in the Xbox version by default. The PC version has the "Redeem" menu item disabled; were it enabled, it would be possible to enter promo codes. Additionally[1]

Algorithm Edit

Promo codes are calculated using three pieces of input: the gamertag of the player, the ID of the promo code, and an arbitrary string of text. The input is fed into a CRC32 function. The output of this function is used to make an eight-letter promo code with a hyphen in the middle. Only the uppercase letters AEFHKMNPRTUVWXYZ are used.[1]

As this algorithm relies on the gamertag of each player, promo codes cannot be shared between players.

List of promo codes in CastleMiner Z Edit

There are 13 promo codes:[2]

  • Everything (N/A)
  • Start With an Assault Rifle (Previous CastleMiner Classic promo code; now replaced with Creative Mode; no longer obtainable)
  • Start With a Gold Pick-- (N/A)
  • Start With more Ammo--(N/A)
  • Dragon Endurance Mode--Achieved by defeating the Undead Dragon on Endurance Mode
  • Creative Mode--Given by CastleMiner
  • Start With a Bloodstone Assault Rifle (N/A)
  • Start With a Bloodstone Pick--Given by Avatar Laser Wars 2
  • Start With a Teleporter--(N/A)
  • Start With a Laser Assault Rifle--(N/A)
  • Start With Grenades--Given by CastleMiner Warfare
  • Start With TNT--(N/A)
  • Start With a RPG-- by Avatar warfare

List of promo codes unlocked by CastleMiner Z Edit

CastleMiner Z is capable of providing players with two promo codes for other games:[2]

  • Unlock Everything In CastleMiner
  • All Guns in Avatar Laser Wars 2

List of games with compatible promo codesEdit

  • Avatar Laser Wars ll
  • CastleMiner
  • CastleMiner Z
  • Avatar Warfare

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