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Like many games by DigitalDNA, CastleMiner Z allows users to redeem promo codes, which unlock various features. Promo codes are only redeemable in the Xbox 360 version by default. The PC version has the "Redeem" menu item disabled; were it enabled, it would be possible to enter promo codes.

Algorithm Edit

Promo codes are calculated using three pieces of input: the gamertag of the player, the ID of the promo code, and an arbitrary string of text. The input is fed into a CRC32 function. The output of this function is used to make an eight-letter promo code with a hyphen in the middle. Only the uppercase letters AEFHKMNPRTUVWXYZ are used.[1]

As this algorithm relies on the gamertag of each player, promo codes cannot be shared between players.

List of promo codes in CastleMiner Z Edit

There are 13 promo codes:[2]

  • Start with an Assault Rifle (Previous CastleMiner Classic promo code; now replaced with Creative Mode; no longer obtainable)
  • Start with a gold Pick-- (Available in 90998)
  • Start with more Ammo--(N/A)
  • Creative Mode--Given by CastleMiner
  • Start with a Bloodstone Assault Rifle (N/A)
  • Start with a Bloodstone Pick--Given by Avatar Laser Wars 2
  • Start with a Teleporter--(N/A)
  • Start with a Laser Assault Rifle--(N/A)
  • Start with Grenades--Given by CastleMiner Warfare
  • TNT--(N/A)
  • warfare Z


  • Avatar Warfare

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