A player adventuring with a pistol.

The Pistol is an eight round magazine, semi-automatic gun that you spawn with when you first start your session. It will still spawn with you even if you have redeemed the Assault Rifle Promo Code from CastleMiner Classic on the Xbox version. The Pistol has five types: regular, gold, diamond, bloodstone, and laser, each of which have four aesthetically different subtypes. (The bullets are 1 type lower than the gun with the exception of a regular pistol, so bloodstone uses diamond bullets, diamond uses gold bullets etc. Laser pistols use laser ammunition, crafted from space rock and diamond).However it is the weakest weapon as a regular pistol.

The pistol is a standard weapon that every player starts with. It is good for killing zombies from a short distance and it is also handy to have in case of a surprise attack. You can down the first dragon with the pistol, but it uses approximately 150 bullets, making it very impractical. Unlike many of the other firearms, the pistol wasn't given a zoom feature in the 1.4.3 update.


A standard issue pistol that can be found in the hands of most early-game surviving players. It's 8 round magazine with semi-automatic fire makes it a viable self-defense weapon, however, due to it's medicore range and fire power, the pistol is best upgraded or replaced as soon as possible. You can craft a pistol out of 2 iron and wood.

Effective Range: 2-15 blocks

Damage: 1/2 heart per shot

Gold PistolEdit

An improved design along with damage, the gold pistol has upgraded ammo that will hit the target with much more force. It's made out of gold and iron.

Effective range: 2-20 blocks

Damage: 1 1/2 heart per shot

Diamond PistolEdit

Crafted out of diamonds, the design of the pistol is further reinforced, along with increased damage, however, making ammo for it is challenging for most players in non-Creative game modes.

Effective range: 2-25 blocks

Damage: 2 1/2 hearts per shot

Bloodstone PistolEdit

Crafted out of Bloodstone, the durability and damage is maxed out for this pistol.

Effective Range: 2-30 blocks

Damage: 3 hearts per shot

Laser PistolEdit

The laser pistol has 4 subtypes, each of which only differ in visuals and what is used to craft them (iron, copper, gold, or an extra diamond). Ammo for this is costly and materials for it are rare, but the damage is higher than the bloodstone pistol. It's reload time is much faster than the other pistols.

Effective Range: 2-35 blocks

Damage: 4 hearts per shot

Trivia Edit

  • The pistol present in CastleMiner Z is based on the M1911 pistol.
  • A closer view of the gun in 3rd person shows the barrel is scratched.

    The BloodStone Pistol, the second highest tier in Castle MinerZ


Colt 1911, pistol model featured in CastleMiner Z