Miner's Paradise is a place found at about 3000, and holds valuable ores such as gold and diamonds.  Miner's Paradise is well regarded as the most valuable spot in the game, due to the nature of the resources.  The biome can be very deadly to small groups of players, and may overwhelm soloists due to hordes of hostile mobs spawning, often whilst the player(s) is mining. 

The skybox is mostly blocked out, allowing hostile mobs to spawn during the day - even on easy.  If one continues the biome, the rare resources become more and more common until the player/party finally reaches the hell biome.   Players must be weary of the possibility of an Undead Dragon spawning close to the biome, primarily where the biome merges with Hell.  Travelling to the Paradise, also known as 'Orelands' and 'Ore Haven' amongst others, is a feat on it's own - well worth the reward.