The Light Machine Gun is a weapon that is very effective at taking down opponents at a at close-medium ra
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A photo of the Diamond Light Machine Gun. 1.6 (needs a better quality photo)

nge. It has a high rate of fire, making it an unwise choice to players with a low ammo count.  It has the largest magazine in the game, but also the slowest reload time. It is a considerably inaccurate weapon, not advised to use for single or long distance opponents. Also, it is the most expensive gun in the game, using six of the main materials (iron, gold, diamond and 60 bloodstone), making it difficult for players to get earlier in the game. It is advised that the player start with another weapon. However, later in the game, it is much easier to craft and is good at defending bases, as it is easy to mow down mobs in front of windows.

It is modeled after the Belgian and American M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon) light machine gun.

The amount of Bullets the Light Machine Gun can fire at a time can make using a higher tier version( Diamond, Bloodstone, etc.) harder, as expensive ammo and a high fire rate may make using this weapon's Diamond and Bloodstone( There is no Laser variant as of this writing) Tiers harder and more expensive to fire. This weapon's regular variant also has lower HP. As stated above, it is more of a close to Mid range powerhouse. The bullet spread makes it an ineffective weapon for fighting dragons, as more bullets are wasted.