A good example of lanterns

Cmz lantern

Lantern as seen during gameplay. (Note the illumination effect.)

Lanterns are a block in CastleMiner Z. They offer more light in an area, but at the cost of requiring more materials to make than a torch. To make one, you need torches, sand, and iron. An important fact is that lanterns cannot be broken by dragon attacks, unlike torches. When reaching approximately 250,000 distance, the player reaches a secret "easter egg-like" biome, nicknamed Lantern Land. The lanterns cannot be mined, but they expand in all directions until 500,000 distance.

Note: You can't mine the lanterns from the spawn tower anymore because of the new update. Lanterns are also a neutral block, as no tool breaks this the fastest. 
CastleMiner Z - the End of the World - 500,000 distance02:52

CastleMiner Z - the End of the World - 500,000 distance


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