Cmz knife

Knife seen during gameplay.

The Knife is one of the simplest ways of self defense. It is the first weapon at your disposal, along with the pistol. It is crafted with 1 iron and 1 wood. You can make Diamond, Gold, and Bloodstone knives. Sadly, it has a slow striking rate so it's rather best to switch out for a better weapon.


You're equipped with a knife at the beginning of the game. It is used for close quarters defense early in the game. It usually loses its usefulness as the more powerful undead are barely affected by it. Still, it's useful for killing weaker undead at the start of the game if you choose to conserve ammo. It's also something handy to keep in your hotbar even with high-grade equipment, since you never have to reload for a fall-back weapon.

Gold KnifeEdit

A golden variant of the knife. It can cut through a few infected, but it still needs to be upgraded.

Diamond KnifeEdit

An astonishing blue blade made out of diamond, this knife is sure to cut your way out of sticky situations.

Bloodstone KnifeEdit

Made from the strongest block known in the game, this knife can hit fast and cut much harder than all other knives available in the game, and can mostly kill every common mob that comes close to you in caves or in Hell. To craft, of course, it requires Bloodstone and a Diamond.

A Bloodstone Knife, very deadly to any enemy


  • It's the weakest melee weapon in the game (the Strongest is the Laser Sword)
  • A 3rd person view shows the player barely jabbing the zombie with the side of the blade instead of the point.
  • Like other items it has to be selected before being used.
  • The knife's appearance could resemble between a trench knife (blade) and a Ka-Bar (handle)