Castleminer iron

Iron ore being mined.

Iron Ore is a block consisting of orange spots that glow slightly in various light levels. It is mostly found in caves, but is also found uncommonly in cave entrances, mountains or Floating Isles, and is found in abundance in the Miner's Paradise, mostly at the surface of the ground.

Mining Requirements Edit

There are no special requirements to mine Iron ore. It can be mined with any pickaxe, including the stone pickaxe you begin with. This makes it a common item to aquire fairly early on in the game. Higher tiered pickaxes benefits from faster and more durable pickaxes.


  • Hands ~ Not Possible
  • Stone Pickaxe ~ 9.5 Seconds
  • Copper Pickaxe ~ 6 Seconds
  • Iron Pickaxe ~ ?? Seconds

  • times are approximate
Iron Ore

A player preparing to mine Iron Ore.

Crafting Edit

Iron ore is only used in two crafting recipe with the same result. When two iron ores are combined with 1 piece of coal or 1 log, 1 iron bar, which is used in many more crafting recipes, is produced.

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