A player holding a Grenade.


The grenade is a new weapon added in the 1.5 update for Castle Miner Z. Upon detonation they create a 2x2 hole in the ground, similar to TNT, C4, RPG's and Dragon fireballs.

Grenades are most useful as a weapon rather than an alternate mining option, being able to kill a group of zombies in a single blast. The fuse time, however, is 7 seconds, so they may be ineffective or weak in close quarter encounters. Grenades may explode mid-air if the fuse timer expires, causing no damage to blocks, but they may still damage or kill players depending were it was thrown.


  • Grenades can be cooked (held while active for a period of time) and give players a chance to time their throws. Warning: Do NOT hold active grenades for longer than 5 seconds!
  • Grenades can actually bounce off of blocks, approximately 5-6 blocks high when thrown on Rock, and 2-3 on Grass. Sand stops the active Grenade and initiates no bouncing effect.
  • Grenades can be stacked in 10s.

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