In order for skeletons and zombies to hit the player, they have to grapple the player so they can land a hit on them. While grappled, the player's movement speed is drastically decreased, preventing the player from escaping. To break free of a grapple, all the player has to do is either stun the attacker with a melee weapon or firearm, or they must kill the enemy to break free permanently.

While grappled, the attacking mob actually occupies the same space as the player, sometimes making it hard to kill.


A player being Grappled by a Skeleton

Trivia Edit

  • The Grapple game mechanic is also used by the "Common Infected" of the Left 4 Dead video game series.
  • Many gamers have died while being grappled by more than one zombie.
  • You cant jump while being grappled