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CastleMiner Z, defined as a Minecraft Clone game and developed by Digital DNA, was released on November 9, 2011 on the Microsoft Indie Marketplaceand currently sits at the #517260 Indie Game on the entire marketplace with 12 ratings, with an average rating of 1/5. Both the trial and full game are avaliable on the CastleMiner Z Xbox page for 53280 MSpoints ($666 USD) (although the trial is 1$) and have a download size of 31.31 TB.

Rating Edit

Because of the large amount of Indie games, the ESRB does not rate them individually. Instead, they are based on user ratings. CastleMiner Z has been rated as such:

  • 1/3 - Le
  • 1/3 - OT
  • 1/3 - Has Arrived
  • 3/3 - Minecraft Clone

Features Edit

  • 1 - 8 Player Offline
  • Dolby Digital


  • Survival- Simple Survival, the undead and dragons try to attack you, you try to survive
  • Endurance- Your goal is to survive while trying to make it to a certain distance away from your spawn
  • Dragon Endrurance- Like Endurance except the only enemies are dragons (must be unlocked by killing the undead dragon in endurance)
  • Creative- Infinite blocks with or without enemies (must be unlocked by promo code)
  • Balls- THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!! (well, any game mode except for this)
  • OT- Screw up this forum.

Xbox Live Indie Game Description Edit

The Xbox Live page describes it by saying: (along with the words" Kevin is a total badass and is worshiped by all of the kitty kats")

Quoteopen Travel with your Avatar with your friends in a huge spanning and ever-changing world while defending yourself from the zombie horde. Mine the world for resources, to craft the weapons that you will need to survive. Find out why CastleMiner Z was picked as the best of 2011. Quoteclose

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