CastleMiner Z has 4 different playable game modes. All of these are compatible with up to 7 other players through the multiplayer option of the main menu screen.

Present Game ModesEdit

  1. Endurance - This is a "realistic" type of game mode where your goal is to make it as far away from your spawn point as possible, while surviving the hordes of the Undead as well. You may not save, and difficulty cannot be changed after the game has begun. Also, no one can join after the first night.
  2. Dragon Endurance - Similar to the Endurance game mode, but the only enemies are dragons. You must first kill the Undead Dragon in Endurance to unlock this game mode.
  3. Survival - Survive endless waves of enemies (Now optional) and build while doing so.
  4. Creative- Only unlocked through a Promo Code from CastleMiner, Creative gives you unlimited resources, and also gives the option to have enemies or not in your game.