Frankenstein's World is a Biome found from anywhere beyond 40,000m in the map. Accomplishing this
Castleminer z 6

The Bedrock wall with lanterns on top.

distance in Survival or Endurance is both amazing and difficult.
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A floating meteor at Distance 20,822. This is an effect of when the land starts loading weird.

Frankenstein's World is when the map starts loading weirdly, as everything is of weird look and shape. Around 46,000m, the Player will reach a giant Bedrock wall with Lanterns on top which is two blocks from the sky barrier, similar to that of the Beacon Tower. On the other side of this wall (which is around 65,000) the Player will drop into Hell, since the 1.5 update. It will be around 80,000 when the next bedrock wall appears. On the other side is a large rock wall with caves and snow on top. It will be around 100,000 when the player reaches the rock wall, and around 113,000 you drop back down until about 122,000, when you reach yet another wall.

100,075m was the previous longest recorded distance on CastleMiner Z. It was accomplished by two friends in
Castleminer z 5

The Bedrock wall's lantern top.

Freebuild and posted onto YouTube (however has been taken down).

the longest distance recorded still on YouTube is 100,000m accomplished by Sickdistic gaming.

Currently the longest distance recorded is now 10,676,056m on CastleMiner Z, obtained by M3RKFREEZA, took 2 days to reach. Reaching this distance corrupts your save data, making your world innaccessable.

It is NOT recommended to travel here in Easy, Normal and Hardcore Modes as Zombies and Skeletons will approach within a Split-Second.