A new set of weapons specialized for A.O.E firepower or for destruction which had appeared since the 1.5 Update. They range from thrown weapons to block based explosives.

Fragmentation GrenadeEdit

Grenades in CastleMiner Z 1

Grenades in CastleMiner Z 1.5

Grenade Usage

The Iconic Frag Grenade is infamous for Flushing enemies out of cover, it can cause a 2 block deep crater that's 3 blocks wide horizontaly and veritcally meaning it has to be thrown at the right spot at the right time in order to get a precise kill. However, the grenade can be cooked for a more premature detonation.


New Explosives in CastleMiner Z update 1

New Explosives in CastleMiner Z update 1.5

New explosive weapons demonstration

It appears to be a cliché block of dynamite, used for traps or improvised mining. It appears to have very little practical use for fighting zombies, so it's much more effective to use it to clear mountains, revealing ores without damaging the ores and such. It is activated upon damaging it, and beeps with a red flash to show it's activation, It's also a cheaper yet weaker alternative to C4.


C4 Block

A C4 block.

Similar to TNT except for having a Green Band color. It has a black texture and has C4 written on it, that detonates it remotely from a distance or by shooting at it.Unlike TNT,it destroys a larger radius and is more expensive to craft then it's weaker cousin the TNT. It is able to destroy any block that is anything but, Bedrock,Space Rock/Goo