Laser Rifle

The X15 Plasma Assualt rifle or Laser rifle being introduced in 1.5

CastleMiner Z RPG

Another view of the Laser Assault Rifle and RPG.

Energy-based weapons are a new set of guns introduced in update 1.5. They are firearms that fire a concentrated beam of energy in short bolts and can destroy every block except ores, Bloodstone, Space Rock, Space Goo, Copper Walls and higher, and Bedrock. They're a high tier set of weapons in the 1.5 update that can kill undead with ease made out of Space Goo and Iron Bars for red, Copper Bars for blue, Gold Bars for a pink, while diamond (gem) for green.


These weapons are based off of the Xbox Live Indie game Avatar Laser Wars 2.

These guns are from Avatar Laser Wars II. These weapons are off of  the actual weapons of Avatar Laser Wars II.

Tek HH Plasma Spread: A semi-automatic, pump action plasma shotgun. It's rate of fire is slightly faster then the 870MCS shotgun and does more damage at close range. It's also considered the most 'overpowered' weapon in Avatar Laser Wars 2.

FK Eliminator HP: (Not  added in update.)

X15 Plasma Assault Rifle: A plasma rifle with good stopping power accuracy. It has the same recoil pattern and has the same ammo capacity as the AK-47.

SpreadFire SC: An energy powered machine pistol. It behaves like the MAC-10 in terms of function, however, it's high rate of fire and poor range can chew through multiple clips so it's best used at close range.

Ranger 20mm SC: An energy-powered hand cannon. It behaves like the Colt M1911 except it's hipfire is slightly less accurate, and has one round less in the clip, so make sure every shot counts or you're dead.
Laser Pistol

A player equipped with a Laser Pistol.

T8 Marksman PL Rifle: A high powered laser rifle, fitted with a x4 optical scope. Holds more ammo than the Mosin, has better accuracy and zoom.

CastleMiner Z Laser Rifle Demonstration

CastleMiner Z Laser Rifle Demonstration

Otherwise known as the game's first sniper rifle.

CastleMiner Z Aliens in Update 1

CastleMiner Z Aliens in Update 1.5

Further into the video will be a Laser Pistol demonstration.

Laser Rifle2

A player equipped with a Laser Rifle.

Laser Shotgun

A player equipped with a Laser Shotgun.

CastleMiner Z Update 1

CastleMiner Z Update 1.5 Laser Weapons

Laser Weapon Demonstration