Castleminer dragon

Fire Dragon seen during gameplay.

Dragons are powerful flying enemies in CastleMiner Z. There are 5 types, each unique to their own biome. They possess a high amount of health and deal high damage. They prove to be heavy nuisances, as their fireballs can catch players off guard, and can destroy blocks. Dragons forcibly spawn at different distances from the spawn point, the earliest being 100m, summoning a fire dragon. This can occur repeatedly. All dragons drop Explosive Powder, which is used to craft RPGs, TNT, and C4.

In v1.3, released on January 12, 2011, a new mode was introduced, which was called Dragon Endurance. The aim of this is to survive ongoing attacks from an onslaught of dragons. All other monsters do not spawn. To unlock this, the player must kill the Undead Dragon in Endurance mode, There are 5 different dragons and each one is typically found in or near their respective biome. For example, the Undead Dragon can only spawn in the Hell Biome, at around 3600m away from the initial spawn point. More powerful dragons appear the farther the player moves away from the initial spawn point.

Combat Edit

If a player is being attacked by a dragon, the best thing for a player to do is to simply use the most powerful weapon in their inventory and fire at them. Fireballs only take ~3-4 shots to kill a player, so it is best for a player to keep moving if they are on open ground. Due to the fact that the player is grounded compared to a dragon, making a dragon be very far away, bullets from a weapon may miss the dragon, so the player should fire slightly ahead of the dragon, in order to make up for the distance.
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A Dragon hurling a fireball into the ground

If a player needs to escape, it is best to find a deep cave or very sturdy structure to avoid further confrontation. Dragons are also not agro until it gets close enough to players or hears gunshots, so a fast player who spots a dragon early can hide in a cave or a similar structure to avoid the dragon.
Castle Miner Z - Fire Dragon

Castle Miner Z - Fire Dragon

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Dragon Types Edit

Spicy Dragons (like a hamburger but spicy) Edit

Fire Dragons are very common as far as dragons go, as they spawn in every known biome. They are crimson in color. Fire Dragons forcibly spawns when a player reaches a distance of 100m.

They have comparably weak attacks that consist of fireballs in either single shots or volleys of 3-10.

They may drop explosive powder, copper bars, iron bars, gold bars, diamonds, and bloodstone.

Castle Miner Z - Forrest Dragon

Castle Miner Z - Forrest Dragon

CMZ Forrest Dragon

Hardwood Dragons (like a hamburger but with a rock hard cock) Edit

Forest dragons are somewhat common to encounter though they are not as common as fire dragons. A forest dragon is always summoned once a player reaches 500m.

Their attacks are somewhat more powerful than fire dragons' and are somewhat harder to kill, but not much. They too shoot fireballs in single shots and volleys. They are green in color.

They may drop explosive powder, copper, iron, gold, diamond, or bloodstone.

Castle Miner Z - Sand Dragon

Castle Miner Z - Sand Dragon

CMZ Sand Dragon

Sandyboy Dragons (like a hamburger but made of sand) Edit

Sand Dragons commonly spawn in the Sand biome. They are yellow and harder to kill than forest dragons. Sand Dragons can also destroy copper walls.

They may drop explosive powder, iron, gold, diamond, or bloodstone.

Snowday Dragons (like a hamburger but cold) Edit

A Ice Dragon is a blue dragon using chill blasts instead of the usual fire blast from most dragons. These iceballs travel faster than normal fireballs.
Ice Dragon

An Frost Dragon. Notice the iceballs it fires.

It can be found in and near the Tundra Biome. It can also slow players down for a short time when the player is hit by a vape blast. The ice blast will also scald certain blocks over, turning them into goo, instead of destroying them completely. Blocks that are unaffected by the Ice Dragon's icey blasts include Gold Walls, Diamond Walls, Bloodstone, Space Rock, and Space Goo.

They may drop gold, diamonds, or bloodstone.

Zamboozle Dragons (sorta like a hamburger but you wouldnt want to eat it) Edit

Undead Dragons have the appearance of a black dragon with a zombified look to its flesh and has a very skeletal appearance, (hence the name Undead Dragon) that is spawned forcibly at 4000m, but also can be found at the Hell Biome at a greater distance. The Undead Dragon is notoriously difficult to defeat, due to its high damage output, high HP, and the fact that it only spawns in hell means zombies and other monsters will swarm the area. The Undead Dragon can demolish nearly all blocks except Bloodstone, Space Rock, and Space Goo.

They may drop Diamonds, Bloodstone, Copper, and Gold.