Castleminer z demon

Up close view of a Demon.

Cmz demon

Fighting a demon (lower-class weapons like the common pistol won't kill it). Teamwork is recommended.

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Demons are rarely found on the surface

Demon is a heavy ground unit capable of taking heavy fire and does the same damage as most zombies. It's seen in Hell, but in more recent cases, it has been seen on the surface after one has already visited the Hell biome. Often at times, it will taunt the player with a demonic laugh before approaching. So far, it's easy to kill with a fully upgraded weapon. Due to a bug, a demon pauses for a moment after getting damaged. It also seems to not have a good jumping ability.


  • Biome - Hell/Underworld and/or sometimes on the surface
  • Distance - 3500 distance or dig 40 blocks beneath the generated surface
  • Health - 9 hearts
  • Movement Speed - Slow; walks to it's target
  • Damage - 3-4 hearts per hit
  • Enemy Type - Heavy ground unit
  • Spawning - Rare (only seen in hell or the surface if one has been to hell)
  • Drop - Explosive Powder and/or Diamonds, Gold, Iron

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