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The Crate

Cmz crate interface

Using the crate (Crate interface)

Crates are a storage device. They hold the same amount of space as your regular inventory (negating the toolbar), except you can have as many crate as you want. They are a vital resource for any established player who plans on staying in an area for a while. they are also very helpful to those whose inventory is beginning to fill up or just someone who wants to clear the clutter. They also serve as an excellent way to differentiate indivdual players' items from one another. Access them by using the "B" button.

BE WARNED - Anyone can access any crate so beware of your items.

Crafting Edit

Crates can be crafted out of 10 wood and 2 iron bars.

You can craft a crate out of 10 wood and 2 iron bars. The crate is useful in storing items, weapons and ores. It is a good way to prevent losing your items from Dragons and Undead. It is recommended you make it inside a basement so it never gets destroyed. However, it's not portable, so it's rather best to break it and take it with you.

Crate DefenseEdit

Since anybody can access crates, thieving is common in Castle Miner Z.

People who play only with trusted friends usually don't experience burglary often. However, people who enjoy public server hosting or playing on other public servers must be warned, anyone can steal from you and if they do there is no way to get your treasure back. You can kick/ban them, though.

The only thing for it is to be sneaky, place crates where the thieves would never think to look.

Note that it is generally best to access and store your loot when strangers are not nosing around. An unexpected player teleport can sometimes be a nasty surprise!

Hiding PlacesEdit

  • Another reliable way of hiding your loot is to hide it under your floor. This usually fools thieves, but always make sure you can find the crate again. It's a good idea to mark it with a torch or lantern. For extra safety, bury it more than one layer down. Make sure you can plug up the hole again on your way out too. Another precaution to take is to make your house on ground level. This hiding spot isn't very obvious.
  • You might also try hiding your crate behind a torch or lantern. This makes it easy to find your stash in a hurry but clever thieves are prone to looking behind oddly placed lanterns or torches. You may also memorise where you placed the crate in the wall without the help of lanterns, but this is hard to do in large rooms.
  • Hiding your treasure under trees is a simple but quite effective way of hiding your crates. This isn't the best method, especially since grass does not regrow on dirt and trees are constantly being cut. Making remote tunnels to and from under the tree might be a way of tackling the grass problem though.
  • Other good ways to hide your loot involve hiding it in caves or seemingly unimportant patches of land. Be warned that these are easy to lose track of and it is possible for players to accidentally dig their way into your precious stash.