Some copper ore next to gold ore

Copper Ore

A player mines Copper Ore.

Copper Ores are block of rock with a turquoise pattern on it. They are frequent to find especially in caves or cave entrances, But are also found on mountain sides, The Vertigo forest or in random rock formations. Mining them can be done with any pick from Stone. Copper Ores are usually in packs and are quite a good resource. They are turned to Bars to make Copper Tools, Bullets and also help to make items such as a Clock, They also make Copper Walls. 2 Copper Ores are needed to make Copper bars. They can also be obtained by killing an enemy.


  • Hands ~ Not Possible
  • Stone Pickaxe ~ 6 Seconds
  • Copper Pickaxe ~ 3 Seconds
  • Iron Pickaxe ~ 1.5 Seconds

  • times are approximate

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