1-2-2013 32

The controls for Castle MinerZ.

The controls are very essential to maintaining a smooth and enjoyable experience throughout CastleMiner Z. The basic controls, jumping, moving, and aiming, are quite simple. You jump with Abutton, you move with Leftanalog, and you aim with Rightanalog. To shoot your weapon, use a tool, or place a block, pull Righttrigger. To zoom in and use the iron sights on a weapon, pull Lefttrigger and to reload, press Xbutton. This also places any block you have in your hand. To pull up the inventory, press Ybutton. To select and move items in your inventory, press Abutton to pick up the item and again to drop it. If you would like to split an item into equal stacks (if it is an odd number, you will keep the larger stack), press Rightanalog. If you would like to split a stack so that the stack you are holding has a certain number of items, press up or down on Rightanalog while the item is highlighted.To open doors and crates, press Bbutton. Once you have opened a crate, press Ybutton on an item to instantly move it to the top left-most location. Any like items will automatically stack. To scroll through your hotbar, use either Leftbumper or Dpadleft and to move right press either Rightbumper or Dpadright. To pause the game, simply press Startbutton.