In all game modes, natural occuring caves will be spawned in large numbers, each containing its own ores. Progressing further into the world will give you a better chance of finding something rare. Skeletons are the main Mob spawned in a cave and will often attack unwary players, some skeletons seem to not be affected by torches. Most caves (Especially further down) will have lava blocks, although lighting an area is always a good idea. There may be lava in caves. Some caves when you mine low enough, have holes and gaps in the floor that fall straight into Hell.

Trivia Edit

  • In the desert biome there are no entrances to caves. Because of this, the player will have to make their own way down from the surface.
  • In the mountian range biome, some caves will have glitchy walls in which the player can walk through but take no damage.
  • Caves under a biome show what will be on the surface of the next biome (Desert not included)
  • Some caves may have sand in them. This is caused by the merging of a biome or an oasis.