CastleMiner Z so far... (2018)Edit

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Bread1129 here. The year is 2018. Apparently the last time this was edited was 6 years ago, in 2012. I will leave the rest alone (Besides the Contributors Section). Its honestly very sad what this wiki has become. It's a ghost town, really.

This is Bread, signing out.


CastleMiner Z is awesome so far but we need more people who are eager to help us out. Luckily, we have only a handful of contributors that are helping out this site: R.I.P stands for contributors that have not been active for more than a month. Active stands for those who contribute daily or weekly.

Update 1.4 is HereEdit

The 1.4 update came out March 16th, 2012 to CastleMiner Z and it has changed many things in the game:

  • Graphics are slightly improved
  • New enemy type
  • New game mode
  • Locator and teleporter added to CastleMiner Z

Update 1.42Edit

  • Gives you the option to erase your storage and to change axis invertion and brightness
  • Spawn rate is 5% faster regardless of difficulty
  • Hardcore difficulty still in Survival except for Creative nor Endurance
  • Game description was put in wrong for Dragon Endurance and Free Build
  • Free Build was removed, replaced with 'No Enemies' mode for Survival and Creative

Update 1.4.4Edit

  • Allows you to optimize and erase your storage
  • Zoom is slightly increased for all guns except for the Pistol and shotgun

Update 1.4.5 Edit

  • Multiplayer count increase from 4-8, prepare to become a leader
  • invisible avatar glitch patched
  • Game mode descriptions fixed and difficulty descriptions added
  • Shadowing bug fixed

Update 1.4.6Edit

  • released patch notes
  • minor bug fixes

Update 1.5 Edit

  • New biome added
  • New weapons added
  • New block and Ore added
  • New Heavy Ground unit added called "Alien"
  • Dragons have slightly more health and do slightly more Damage
  • Zombie do slightly more damage, health remains the same

Update 1.5.1Edit

  • Issues dealing with lag fixed