The Beacon Tower (also known as the Spawn Tower) is a large tower made of bedrock and lanterns. You spawn approximately 11 meters away from its base at varying altitudes. It consists of a 9 block diameter pillar of bedrock at its thickest point. As you move further up the tower, it slowly decreases to a 7-block, then 5-block diameter. Once it reaches the 3- and 1-block diameter, lanterns begin to replace some of the bedrock blocks.
1-2-2013 31


  • You can't mine the lanterns anymore after an update.
  • The tower starts from the base of hell up to the surface.
  • The Beacon Tower can reflect laser bolts. This may be used for some creative kills
  • The Beacon tower could have been intended to be a safe haven, yet there is no sign of an entryway to prove that theory.

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