A player wielding an axe.

Axes (hatchets) in CastleMiner Z can only be obtained by first crafting them. Axes can't tear through materials such as rocks and hard surfaces, as they can only cut down trees and wood as their main function. A stone axe is crafted out of 2 rock and 2 wood sticks, iron axes are crafted out of 2 iron and 2 wood sticks. Gold axes are crafted out of two gold and two iron and finally a diamond axe is made out of gold and diamond. There's no bloodstone version of an axe, so its fully upgraded when it's crafted into a Diamond Axe.


  • Axes can only chop down trees and soft surfaces, as they can't tear rocks nor hard surfaces unless it's wooden.
  • Iron axes or higher are formidable melee weapons when upgraded.

Stone AxeEdit

The Stone Axe when first crafted is an ineffective melee weapon in its current state but it can still cut down trees in order to get logs.

Copper AxeEdit

The Copper Axe does slighty more damage then the stone axe but still it's not the best melee weapon until it's upgraded to iron axe or higher. It cuts down trees better than a stone axe.

Iron AxeEdit

The Iron Axe is now a capable melee weapon for killing undead and collecting wood, but it's not strong enough to put a Dent in the demon's armor or seriously inflict pain on stronger mobs.

Gold AxeEdit

Stronger than the iron axe, the gold axe behaves like any other axe except it's more capable of killing stronger mobs. However it's currently unknown if it cuts through a demon's armor or not. This axe is very effective at cutting down trees.

Diamond AxeEdit

Fast and lethal, this axe is very efficient at killing mobs. It also chops down trees extremely quickly. It's impossible to further upgrade the axe as it can't be upgraded to bloodstone.