Aliens are a new mob that appeared in CastleMiner Z after the 1.5 update. The Aliens appear to be behave animalistic, attacking the player with their crab-like appendages if they manage to get close enough. They do 5-8 hearts per hit, so it's rather best to avoid conflict with this mob alone.

Behavior Edit

The Aliens behavior seems as if only to defend their meteor. They don't appear until you get too close to the goo or enter their "ship". They make an orca-like scream when they spawn. If the player is underneath the meteor, then the game will spawn endless waves of Aliens until the player reaches the surface or dies. It also seems that when you mine a space rock from the Alien's meteor, they will immedately spawn in groups where you mined the space rock or Space Goo. Diamond (assault rifles), Bloodstone, and standard Laser Weapons are the best to kill them with. Anything lower will take too long and eventually lead to your death. If you want to build a base on an Alien crash site, don't build it directly on the surface of the meteor. Make a stair case to your base that is at least 10 blocks above the meteor to prevent aliens from spawning in it.

Appearance Edit

Aliens have thick exoskeletons to protect themselves during combat. This makes the nearly resilient to low grade weapons but they can be felled with ease with bloodstone weapons or better. They appear blue in color and look rather snake-like with sharp blades to attack. They also make a rather robotic-sounding growl as they close in on their prey. They attack by extending a claw (that looks very similar to a drill) in order to attack the player.

Trivia Edit

  • The Alien is slightly faster than the Demon.
  • Unlike Demons, Aliens are a defensive mob, meaning they are only spawn in the Alien Crash Site Biome, seemingly to defend it (although they will follow you out of it for great distances).
  • It takes about 120 rounds from a standard assault rifle to kill a single alien, higher tier assault rifles will lower the rounds needed to kill them by 30 rounds per upgrade.
  • They bear a resemblance to the Xenomorphs from the ''Aliens" Series and the Sangheili Elites from Halo.
  • They have been nicknamed hammer heads, Lobsters, Squid face, Elites, Space Whales, Blue Crabs, and Xenos by the community.

Drops Edit